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Welcome to the most advanced tool in word research in the English language, where words are ordered by frequency and includes set phrases that are used as a unit. Being ordered by frequency, the words that are most used at the spoken and written level appear in the first positions (you, I, the, to, a, it, ...), and for example in the position 859.657 would be the ones that are least used (which in this case would be "zymos"). In other words, the "normal" words most used in English appear at the beginning of the list and at the end of the list are the "rare" words that nobody uses, or because they are foreign words or because they are misspelled. We have used several million publications, both written and spoken, and after two years of hard work filtering unwanted results, we have achieved a CORPUS of about 400 million words in order to obtain the data that we offer on this website. We know that there are still many wrong words left, but precisely these wrong words are also interesting in some fields of research.

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